"Chimney Sweep Professional"

Dangerous creosote

Creosote is carried up the chimney in smoke which is actually tiny unburned wood particles. This creosote will line the chimney and becomes fuel for a chimney fire. The smokier the fires, the more buildup we will find in chimneys. It builds up to unsafe levels and poses a serious fire hazard that must be removed.... Learn more about Chimney Safty Here.

Once the chimney is cleaned we perform a 13 point safety inspection visually checking all parts of the system to assure you it is in a safe condition. We supply you with a written report of our safety check and our recommendations. Our attention to detail is so great that one large city in our area has adopted our form as a requirement for homes with fireplaces needing inspection for child care licensing. We are an informal, small, growing family business, giving personal attention to you. Your business is vital to us, and having been in business since 1980 means we have a lot of satisfied customers. We take the time we need to tell you how to get the most out of your system while keeping your home safe. If you are not one of our hundreds of happy customers, give us a try! You'll wonder why it took you so long.

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